What can I expect in my box?

Every month the Read ‘em and Steep Curation Team will vote on and choose a theme. Themes will vary based on current popular culture (think Oscars, Stranger Things, Beauty and the Beast), current holiday (Halloween theme anyone?), or anything else our team of amazing curators think is cool. Themes will be relevant and timely. Once the themed book is chosen we will reach out to our many partners to create and supply goods and swag related to the chosen theme. These items will be unique, often handmade, and awesome! Some possible examples are candles, journals, bookmarks, stationary, art supplies, coffee mugs, tea serving and storage items, jewelry, accessories, and sometimes other books! Of course, we wouldn’t be Read ‘em and Steep if we didn’t supply you with awesome and unique tea or coffee each month!  

Do I have to sign up for a monthly subscription?

No! We have a one month gift (for a friend or yourself) option. We also have other options including three months prepaid and more, however monthly recurring subscription is the most cost efficient option. Don’t worry, you can skip, pause, or cancel anytime!

How is Read ‘em and Steep different from the many other boxes available?

There are so many amazing book boxes out there! I know because I personally subscribe to several of them. Read ‘em and Steep is a bit different in a few ways. First, our books will be chosen from our independent publishing partners. This means that the books will usually be ones that you don’t find regularly in big box book stores, and you may not have access to them otherwise. Often times these independently published books gain much acclaim several months or years after their original release. We are giving you an early sneak peek to some unbelievable literature. Second, Read ‘em and Steep focuses more on adult fiction and literature. Many of the most popular book boxes are YA focused, which is great (I love YA myself) but we wanted to offer a box solution to those who also love adult lit. Finally, our swag and items will follow more of an adult fangirl theme. Think less Funko Pops and more elegant stationary. Although Funko Pops are not out of the question! ☺

Do any of the proceeds go to charity?

Yes! Read ‘em and Steep has partnered with a wonderful charity Room to Read. Room to Read builds schools and libraries in developing countries and makes strides to ensure education, particularly for girls (who often don’t get the same education opportunities as boys). They also work to remove barriers so that children can attend school and have recently begun self-publishing books in both English and local native languages.

When will I be charged/when will I receive my box?

You will be charged on the first of the month. If you sign up for a monthly recurring subscription, you will begin being charged monthly on the first of the following month. Boxes will be shipped out on or around the 15th of every month. If you sign up in the middle of a month, you will not be charged until the following first. For example, if you sign up on April 12th, your card will be charged on May 1 and your first box will go out on May 15. If you sign up before the 5th of the any month you will be charged immediately and your box will go out in the same month. If you sign up for a one month or several months prepaid box before the 5th of the month, your first box will ship out that same month. If you sign up after the 5th, you will receive your first box the following month. We do this to ensure that billing for everyone and shipping remains the same every month. The easiest and quickest option is to sign up between the 1st and 5th of the month. (Note, Kickstarter supporters’ boxes will follow a different schedule for the first 3 months.)

Are the boxes limited quantity?

Yes! We will announce the upcoming month’s theme in advance so make sure to reserve your spot before they sell out!

Will you have any leftover boxes for sale?

Occasionally we will have leftover boxes for sale from previous months. These will often be discounted, but they won’t be a surprise! Follow our Facebook and Instagram to keep track of our inventory!